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You can adopt any or all of the donkeys shown for only €24 per donkey per year - that is only €2 per month!

Once we have received your payment you will receive a picture certificate together with regular updates about The Donkey Sanctuary (Cyprus).

If you have an email address, we can send your certificate in PDF. Shipping will be faster and enable us to save money on postage, stationery and ink and help the environment. Just choose an option from the Delivery Method drop down menu.

Also you will receive four e-Newsletters per year instead of the usual two paper copies.

An adoption makes a great gift too and if it is for a special occasion, just select an option from the drop down menu and  let us know the date by contacting us. We will do our utmost to make sure you receive it on time to give to the person you have bought it for, or provide us with their details at the Shipping address section before check out so we could add their name on the certificate and send it to you.

The person who is paying for the adoption as a gift to someone, should fill in their details on the Billing Address section, and the gift receipient's details on the Shipping Address section. If the adoption is for the same person who is paying, then the details should be the same on both sections (Billing & Shipping).

Please allow us enough time for the postal choice.

If you have any queries, please contact us


The majority of the donkeys we take into care are very elderly and when we discovered her mum, Eftyhia, was pregnant we were very excited about the arrival of our first foal. When the carers arrived for work that morning, you can imagine their surprise to find a small, almost black bundle standing on slightly wobbly legs in the corner of the stable peeping out from behind her mum! She soon learned to trust us and lift her hooves up, wear a head collar and go for walks. Sadly, when she was almost six months old, we had to say goodbye to her mother who had health problems that could not be treated. It was heart-breaking for little Helena and for us too although another donkey, George, took her under his wing and made sure she felt safe. Helena now lives with a wonderful group of donkeys who often seem surprised by her energy and antics!
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Born in January 2015, when he was weaned from his mother, tiny little Kikas was unwanted and had nowhere to go. His owner owed the farrier some money for trimming his other donkey’s hooves and gave Kikas to the farrier as payment! Unfortunately, the farrier didn’t have time to look after little Kikas and was unable to find a good home for him and so Kikas came to us. Poor little chap was very bewildered when he arrived but has grown into a wonderful donkey who is always up to mischief!
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Pip Squeak arrived here at the Sanctuary in November 2017 when he was just 11 months old. A donkey owner who had his own herd of donkeys, inherited Pip Squeak when his previous owners moved away and left him. He had been separated from his mother at three months old - far too early - and although his new owner had done his best to look after Pip Squeak, it was clear that something was not right. Among the herd of lively young donkeys, Pip Squeak was tiny, extremely thin and stood out like a sore thumb. Our first challenge to bring Pip Squeak back to good health was to look after his immediate needs – food, water and shelter were not a problem, but keeping him warm during the middle of winter turned out to be harder than anticipated. As he was so small, the donkey rugs we had swamped his tiny body so a special order was placed to the UK, and within just days the perfect rugs for Pip Squeak arrived..
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Moses came to us as a 5 year old stallion in 2012. His owner’s loved him but found Moses difficult to handle. Wanting to ensure Moses had a caring, loving home for life, his owners asked us to take him. Not long after he was castrated and settled in, he became our sixth Adoption Donkey as although he's only small he has an enormous character!
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We collected Chloe in May 2007 from a small village in the Troodos Mountains after a villager had contacted us when they had heard that Chloe’s elderly owner was going to poison her. Chloe was only 3 years old at the time and the owner had found her too young and boisterous to handle and work. She had a very eventful journey to the sanctuary when we had a flat tyre on the trailer! Chloe was so calm about the whole ordeal easpecially as we had problems getting the wheel off. Chloe's best friend is Socrates who follows her everywhere although she does boss him around a lot!
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Hercules came to the sanctuary in 2002 as a 3 month old foal. His mother had died and he had been hand reared and rather spoilt. He didn’t understand that he was a donkey and the people caring for him were humans – he thought it was great fun to climb all over people and generally do what he liked! Hercules has a very mischevious nature and has worked out how to open doors even though we have special bolts on them. Fortunately he doesn't do it very often!
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