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A very kind supporter - who is also a writer, has contacted us some time ago in order to express her wonderful gesture in helping us… She has written a book which reveals the story of a small female donkey, who was born here in Cyprus in the very old days.

The name of the book is Grizoulla - named after the donkey, and it is the story of the trials, tribulations and joys of a Cypriot donkey. This kind lady has decided to donate a few copies of the book to us in order to help raise funds for our work and donkeys on the island!

A very nice book, told with affection and humour by the writer Mrs Claire Oechslin and illustrated with Sylvia Woodcock-Clarke's delightful drawings. The book will both entertain and educate children as they follow Grizoulla and her faithful friend Oreo on their journey through the sometimes harsh landscape of a donkey's life in Cyprus.

The proceeds from buying just one book can feed a donkey for two days with straw, or provide two days of medication for our elderly donkeys. Not only do you receive a lovely gift but you're also helping donkeys have a better life.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that this book is not suitable for children under the age of 5 years old.